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"It has never been easier to get your beauty treatments done - when and where it suits you. You don’t even have to get out the door"




Never have I had my nails done this pretty! I am actually not that much into nails, polish etc., but I’ve tried it a few times anyway - Beauty Boosters has definitely been the best experience! the layers are thin and very natural! Five big stars from here.

Marie, 28, København N

I can definitely recommend BeautyBoosters to everyone who are looking for a more convenient and fun experience, whilst getting the highest quality of makeup service.

Amalie, 25, København N

An amazing experience!!! The hair, nails and makeup was done beautifully and the beauty boosters made the whole experience much more fun, rather than getting your make up done in a regular salon.

Sofie, 26, København V

I had the pleasure of a super nice lady in my home who was super competent. Really a good experience!

Stine, 35, København N

" We want it to be easy, flexible and social to have your beauty treatments done – anywhere, anytime. Whether you are at home, at the office, the hotel or the movie set "

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