BeautyBoosters was founded in October 2019 by Maria Refsgaard and Louise Bencard, with a dream of making beauty more flexible, fun, social and accessible to both the customer and the employees. Maria has a background in beauty and is an expert in everything from hair and makeup to special effects and wigs. She has worked for many years in the musical and theater industry and has been a Key Makep Artist on the Danish "Kollision" (2019) and the TV series "ALFA" (2020). She got the idea for BeautyBoosters in Los Angeles, where she found out that everything was available on demand. Maria and Louise met in Los Angeles in 2017 and started talking about the possibilities of bringing beauty on demand to Denmark, while brainstroming on a rooftop and drinking a lot (!) of rosé.

Louise has a background from Copenhagen Business School and has worked as part of a Nordic startup in LA and in a recruitment company in Denmark, until they decided it was time to start BeautyBoosters.

Maria will be in charge of the day-to-day management of our beauty jobs, coaching and training our amazing team of Boosters, and Louise will be in charge of the overall administration of the company.

About uS

our Philosophy

Life is short. Your nails do not have to be.

A smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear, for sure.

Our philosophy is that everyone is beautiful by nature. But that said, we all need a boost sometime. And that's exactly what we want to offer. A boost to your beauty, a boost to your self-confidence, a boost to your everyday life.

We spend a lot of unnecessary time on self-maintenance, like getting our nails done. Time that could have been spent playing with the kids, seeing long lost friends or kicking ass at work.

Finding possible times to book, transportation to the location, always having to make it fit between work or rushing home from the office with the excuse that the kids need to be picked up from school ... Let's put an end to all that.

BeautyBoosters is a new beauty-on-demand concept, where we offer Beauty services directly to your door - for your convenience. You book an appointment online when it suits you, add your location - whether it's at home, in your hotel room or in your office!