BeautyBoosters Cosmetics - Champagne Shower – Highlighter

249 kr

Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower is a velvety highlighter that reflects in the light and highlights your best features with a beautiful golden pink glow. Champagne Shower is a vegan and perfume-free product.


Champagne Shower is used to highlight and boost your favorite facial features with an irresistible glow. It can e.g. used to mark cheekbones, nose bridge and tip, body (e.g. shoulders, back or collarbone) and as eyeshadow

Pro Tip! You can make your own liquid highlighter by taking some Champagne Shower and mixing with a neutral oil, and voila! You can also crush some Champagne Shower and mix into your facemist, to add a natural glow to your refresher.