Medlemskab: Shellac Basic (spar 99 DKK pr. behandling) - BeautyBoosters

Membership: Shellac Basic (incl. removal)

1 x Shellac treatment/month. incl. collection (save DKK 99)

45 m.

449 kr 548 kr
Medlemskab: Lash Lift & Brow Lift (spar 247 DKK) - BeautyBoosters

Membership: Lash Lift and Brow Lift

Do you always want brows and lashes on point? Get a membership at BeautyBoosters and save time and money on your treatments!

1 h.

949 kr 1.196 kr
Medlemskab: Geléforlængelse (opfyldning) eller geléforstærkning - BeautyBoosters

Membership: Jelly extension (filling) or jelly reinforcement

1 x treatment/month (save DKK 100)


599 kr 699 kr
Medlemskab: Shellac Hænder + Fødder (Kan også benyttes til 2 x Shellac Hænder) - BeautyBoosters

Membership: Shellac Mani + Pedi (Can also be used for 2 x Shellac Mani)

Get a manicure + pedicure every month. Save DKK 247!

1.5 t.

899 kr 1.146 kr
Medlemskab: All-in-One: Shellac Mani- og Pedicure + Lash & Brow Lift (4 behandlinger) - BeautyBoosters

Membership: All-in-One: Shellac Mani- and Pedicure + Lash & Brow Lift (4 treatments)

All-in-One: Shellac Mani- and Pedicure + Lash & Brow Lift (4 treatments)

3 t.

1.799 kr 2.243 kr

Do you want to make sure you always have nice nails, freshly cut hair or brows and lashes on point? Order a membership to BeautyBoosters - in addition to always radiating confidence, you also save both time and money! When you have membership you save 10-20% on all other treatments.

How to use your membership:

· You choose a membership that suits your needs and register. The payment will run automatically every month and include the selected number of treatments per month. month.
· When your subscription is activated (it can take up to 12 hours before the activation goes through), you go in and book as usual where you choose; postcode, treatment(s), booster, date and time.
· The system will then ask for your telephone number, and be able to recognize your membership.
· Press the green button "continue", which will complete your order without charging you.
· Your time is now booked and you can just look forward to getting your booster home for pure pampering.


See our different memberships below and choose the one that suits you.

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