NEW SERVICE! Japanese Facelift (100% natural facelift and skin rejuvenation)

599 kr

Japanese face lifting = well-being in both body and soul.

Japanese Lifting is a 100% natural treatment method that focuses on face lifting without the need for surgery or botox. We use delicious products from Dermalogica, which is one of the most preferred skin care brands among both consumers and skin care experts worldwide.

With a relaxing face massage, you can apply a clearer color and glow to the face, as tensions in the muscles and tissues are released.
A Lifting also helps to give the face a more youthful appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and refreshing the skin. The advantage of a Lifting is that it is not only the face that benefits from the treatment. The activation of the body's energy systems is important for your mental well-being. You will experience a stress-relieving sensation and a greater surplus, which you can take with you after the treatment.
Each treatment with Japanese Lifting is effective. To achieve the absolute best result, we recommend a course of 5 treatments over a continuous period.