Shellac® Manicure treatment (1 person)

449 kr

The classic Shellac® from CND is the world's most popular nail treatment. You can choose between 65+ different colors, so we are absolutely sure that there is a color that suits your needs exactly. The varnish is a long-lasting varnish, which is a combination of varnish and gel, which means that it both lasts longer, gives a smooth and beautiful result without scratching and peeling in the same way as ordinary nail varnish.

The treatment includes a manicure, where you file and shape your nails as desired, arrange and care for cuticles and a finishing treatment with nail oil and caring hand cream.

Boost your nails with a CND Shellac® treatment with a durability of up to 14+ days.

ATTENTION! We recommend that you remember daily use of CND SolarOil® for longer durability of your shellac treatment and continuous care of your nails.