BeautyBoosters Cosmetics Genie in a Powder - Bronzer

229 kr

Genie in a Powder

Genie in a powder is a one-color-fits-all matte bronzing powder, with a perfect balance of glow and color. Can be used as a full-face powder, but also as contouring to highlight and boost your facial features. It adapts to your skin tone and can be used all over the face - but start with a little on the brush and work your way up. You can always add more.


You can use Genie in a Powder all over the face as an everyday powder or highlight areas to highlight facial features. You can e.g. contour the cheekbones, hairline or jawline to frame the face and give a more marked and defined look. It can also be used as an eyeshadow.

You adjust the shade by the amount you apply - the more, the darker the area becomes.